5 tips for more Instagram followers

5 tips for more Instagram followers

For anyone who wants to get started on Instagram, the key question sooner or later is how to increase the number of followers. However, this is much more difficult to implement at the beginning than if you already have a certain level of awareness on Instagram. That’s why we’ve put together 19 helpful and startling tips that will lead to real Instagram followers, namely:

Tips that make quick success easier
Tips that are important for long-term success
Tips that a lot of the competition does not use
Tips that promise a fair competitive advantage

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  1. The correct username

It may sound banal, but even with the choice of the optimal username , the number of followers will increase in the course of time by itself. If a name is obvious, clear and memorable, more and more users will remember the profile and follow it in the best case.

In general, the best decision is to use the real name or company name as the username. If the desired name is already assigned, it goes without saying that there are a few other variants available, for example by omitting spaces.

  1. The recognition value of the profile picture

The profile picture is similar to the user name. It should give the profile a high recognition value and ideally say something about the account.

If it is a private account, a personal image is perfect, while a business account, for example, makes the company logo a good choice. In any case, a serious impression should be conveyed, as experience shows that everything else brings only short-term or no success.

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  1. Disclose information about yourself

It’s the same on Instagram as in the rest of life:

Someone who knows one or the other detail is more interesting to most people than someone who disappears into the anonymous crowd.

Therefore, one should not save on Instagram in his biography with information about himself.

For example, it is also ideal to specify the place of residence or an important hashtag In addition, in any case – if available – should be linked to your own website or blog That makes not only a good impression on Instagram, but also increases the same traffic on their own website.

  1. Be active yourself

One should not expect the followers to adjust themselves, but one should take the initiative. It is important to get in touch with your target group Likes and comments are the means of choice here and should not be spared. However, it is important to ensure that this happens in a thematically appropriate framework, because:

In topics that are not interesting for the target group, the number of own followers will hardly increase.

Also, one should not plump for his account, but stand out by quality or professional competence of the competition. As soon as someone comments on their own post, it is best to seek out the exchange with him, as this increases the likelihood of winning him as a follower. Another interesting option for communication is the so-called direct messages

  1. Become a follower yourself

It is often the best solution in life to take the first step yourself. If you want to increase the number of followers, it behaves no different, because who follows other profiles, has a good chance that these users in turn follow their own account. But even then you should remain true to yourself and follow only profiles that you really like or thematically match your profile.



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