All You Need to Know About the WP Reset Plugin

All You Need to Know About the WP Reset Plugin

There are times, when you will have not choice but to reset your WordPress site or blog. It could be because you want to rebuild your website, or are trying out a new theme or plugin. You could even be trying to change the content on your website and renovate it.

No matter what the reason is, resetting a WordPress page can take a lot of time, because you will be going through a lengthy process. However, with the help of WP Reset, you can make this task easier for yourself.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins you can find that easily allows you to reset WordPress. It is a plugin that has been specially designed for non-developers by the company Web Factory Ltd. It is a Croatian company that bases all of its inventions on making lives easier for WP users and developers.

Benefits of this plugin

The following are some benefits of using WP Reset plugin instead of others available.

  • Reset the database to the default version: This particular WordPress plugin can reset the database to the default installed version without having to modify any files. Furthermore, any of the added content and customization can be deleted safely.
  • Multiple fail-safe mechanisms: This plugin consists of multiple fail-safe instruments that prevent accidental data loss. This provides a convenient way for plugin and theme developers as it helps in quick resetting which can be beneficial for testing and debugging certain features.
  • Integrated with WP webhooks plugin: This plugin is incorporated with WP webhooks plugin which is a safe universal system that aids connections between WP and any third party system where actions can be taken through the end of the WP and other applications.
  • One-click reset: The quickest and most convenient method of resetting is provided by the plugin.

What will the plugin delete?

The following is a list of items that the plugin can delete for you while resetting the whole WordPress website.

  • Custom database tables that consist of the same prefix as the ones in wp-config,php and any other used by default tables will be deleted.
  • All the default WP database tables will be deleted.
  • All posts, custom post types, images, pages, media entries, users, and the comment will be deleted.

What will the plugin not delete?

The following are some things that the plugin will not delete when resetting the whole WordPress website.

  • The site title, site address, search engine visibility modifications, WordPress address, and site language will not be deleted or changed.
  • Any uploads, plugins, and themes will not be changed.
  • The wp-uploads folder and media files will remain intact and unmodified, but you will not see them as Media from the admin dashboard.


The information above shows how this plugin can help you in easily resetting your WordPress page for any reason whereas, without the plugin, it would be a lengthy process.

You can also check out the successful WP redirect plugin by the same developer. That tool will help you in retaining the SEO value of your existing web pages. It also helps in resolving WP issues like the broken links and 404 missing pages.



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