Breathe in some fresh ‘Air’ with KDE 4.3.0 beta 1

Breathe in some fresh ‘Air’ with KDE 4.3.0 beta 1

Seems like the wait for new version of KDE is almost over within the KDE Community after the first preview of the third iteration of the KDE Desktop, applications and development platform-KDE 4.3 Beta1. The KDE team is now in bug fixing mode in order to provide a smooth KDE 4.30. to end users in late July.

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KDE 4.3.0

Highlights of KDE 4.3 are :

Integration of many new technologies, such as Policy Kit and Geo-location services.
New Window animation effects, a more usable run command pop-up and many new and improved addons in Plasma.
Many bug fixes and improvements across all applications and more integration of features introduced since the release of KDE4.

KDE 4.3 will also introduce a brand new desktop theme dubbed Air, replacing Oxygen. According to KDE Pinheior, “Air is supposed to be different from what Oxygen is, something that tries to appeal to a user base looking for a more ’sexy’ experience that Oxygen, but to still have the capability of merging nicely with what we have now..KDE will very shortly become the desktop you need and not the desktop we think you need”

Note that KDE 4.3 Beta 1 is not suitable for end users. Its sole purpose is gathering feedback and testing. Visit the KDE 4.3 beta 1 info Page at get started.



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