Burn your discs using K3b 1.66.0 alpha2 release

Burn your discs using K3b 1.66.0 alpha2 release

K3b –  is the CD/DVD Kreator package for Linux  which is optimized for KDE . K3b is licensed under the GPL. K3b 1.66.0 comes with a bunch of bug fixes to the internal job classes and some small GUI fixes. There are still many open issues with the GUI which needs fixing. So 1.66.0 is only a testing release, not intended for production work. The k3b is embedded with KDE 4.2.

You can download the tarball for 1.66.0 from  here.

Installation :-

  • Make sure that you have logged in as root
  • Download the tar ball for 1.6.0 from the above link provided and extract it

# tar -xjvf k3b-1.0.tar.bz2

  • change to the created directory

# cd k3b-1.66.0

  • Configure the source

# ./configure

  • Begin the compilation

# make

  • And finally if the command above did not show any errors install K3b  using the command below

# su -c “make install”

Now you may start K3b from the KMenu (Multimedia section) or run it from a shell or the Alt-F2 menu via ‘k3b’ .

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