Everything you must know about upgrading jio software

Everything you must know about upgrading jio software

Jio has come up with one of the 4G phones for the customers that is economical and can enable individuals to experience android features with comparatively less amount. The phone is widely available in the marketplaces these days with reasonable expense of Rs 1500 that are returned to the users within 3 years. The phone contains applications as well as exciting features including Bluetooth, camera, music player and other features. Well, it is available easily to the customers when ordering online or else purchasing from the nearest stores.

jio software

The phone comprises maximum features and to add even more, the company updates accordingly. Phone update enable the users to upgrade old features to new one and they may get several functions in it. It is even considered for Jio software to upgrade the phone with latest update in order to make it advance and faster.

Upgrade Jio Software

If you’re thinking of updating Jio software, you may easily upgrade and make it even better and smarter. The updates are offered by the company in order to remove any kind of fault as well as to make the its performance better. Jio phone even gets different updates that make the setting, camera or any other activity even better to use. After upgrading jio OS update, it may provide different applications that a user can access easily and gain a new experience. Phone updates may offer new theme or new interface that can include varied settings options that are available on phone.

Download and Update

  • Select and open the setting icon.
  • Scroll the screen in order to check varied options there.
  • Select the option for device information that is available in bottom and click to proceed.
  • When you come across device information, you may see varied information such as Jio number, the model of Jio phone, software option and LYF software update.
  • Select LYF software update for proceeding to download page.
  • After selecting, the software starts upgrading the latest version of that phone. You can even check update installation in the screen top wherein one gets the notification.
  • The update may take time; however, it depends completely upon the actual size of that file.
  • After the completion of download, allow and click the software in order to install it.


These steps may easily help the users to upgrade the Jio software as well as access some new features that are offered by the service providers. After the completion of the steps, the phone may restart automatically and the installation procedure can take 2 minutes for the completion. When installing the upgrades, you may find new applications available on phone such as Jio app.



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