Install file splitter for Linux

Download HJSplitlx file splitter for Linux from here :

tar -xzf hjsplitlx.tar.gz to extract the file HJSplitLX

Install the basic requirements :


[bash]rpm -ivh XFree86-libs-4.1.0-50.i386.rpm[/bash]

[bash]rpm -ivh kylixlibs3-borqt-3.0-rh.2.i386.rpm[/bash]

to start the software ./HJSplitLX

You may get the following error :-

[bash][root@techinterplay src]# ./HJSplitLX[/bash]

[bash]./HJSplitLX: symbol lookup error: ./HJSplitLX: undefined symbol: initPAnsiStrings[/bash]

Execute the below command to resolve the error

[bash]ln -s /usr/lib/kylix3/ /usr/lib/[/bash]

[root@localhost src]# ./HJSplitLX

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