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Tech Inter Play lays special emphasis on the privacy of those who visit their website. In this article, you will get a clear idea about the personal information of the users which are collected by Tech Inter Play and how they are used.

Web Beacons And Cookies: This facility offered by ensures that you don’t have to stumble upon irrelevant posts. The blog incorporates the use of cookies which help to store the information about the preferences of the visitors. These cookies record the information regarding the pages accessed by a particular user and later customises the content of the web page based on the browser type of the visitor. See how easily you can clear the clutter?

Log Files: Tech Inter Play also incorporates the use of the log files. The function of these log files is to log the visitors into the site. This method is a widely accepted and standardized procedure that is used by a large number of companies. The log files record a number of information like-

1 . Type of browser

2 . Internet protocol address

3 . Time/date stamp

4 . Exit/referring pages

All the above mentioned informations will help the administrators of the blog to track the movement of the user across the website or gather any other demographic information. However, the IP address doesn’t disclose the personal identity of the user.

DoubleClick Dart Cookie: Users may, however, not use the the Dart cookie. To opt out of using Dart Cookie, one can visit the Google ad and go to the content network privacy policyby clicking on the URL –

Policy Services of Third Parties: The different third parties have their own respective policies.

Each of these third parties have different policies and their individual instructions on the ways of opting out of the practices. Tech Inter Play isn’t authorised to have control over the activities of these third party servers of ad or other websites.

Also, the procedure of disabling cookies varies from browser to browser. The respective websites of the browsers will provide detailed information about the management of cookies with respect to that particular browser.Advertising Partners: The third party servers of advertisements make use of certain technologies and links that will appear on the website of These links are designed in a way so as to receive the IP address of the user automatically. These advertisers may also use other technologies such as web beacons, JavaScript or cookies in order to assess the progress of their advertisement campaign.

Childrens Security: Tech Inter Play lays special emphasis on the protection of children. The blog makes sure that no identifiable information of users who are under 13 years of age is collected.

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