Removing Hidden software’s in Windows XP

You might have come across in situations like you really want to remove some additional windows xp components, for example windows messenger, but can’t locate the application in the Add or Remove programs at the control panel.

Removing Hidden software’s in Windows XP

Before doing this, make sure that you’ve enabled “show hidden files and folders” option that lies under “tools” > “folder options” in “My computer”

  1. click on start and select “Run”
  2. In the Run box please type in the following without quotes
  3. “c:\windows\inf\sysoc.inf” [ assuming your windows is located in C drive ]
  4. Now you could able to see a text file
  5. Search for the word “hide” and remove it [ remove only hide, DO NOT REMOVE ANY OTHER WORD, NOT EVEN A COMMA ]
  6. save the file and close it
  7. Go to Add or Remove programs in control panel then Select Add or Remove Windows Components, there you can find your unwanted software. Right away uninstall it  :)

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