Smart Choices in Backling SEO Processes

Smart Choices in Backling SEO Processes

It is absolutely necessary that the content is in line with the content of the landing page. It is always necessary that there is a strong relation between the subjects of the linked pages. This is naturally due to the interest of the user who will consult the content and who is likely to click on the link.

Diversity of backlinks

It is necessary to diversify the characteristics of the backlinks as much as possible. We must avoid that they come from the same websites, that they are systematically positioned at the same places on the page or that they use the same anchors. You can simply buy links now and come up with best deals.

A backlink will have more weight if it is inserted in the middle of a text rather than in the footer or in the sidebar of the site. This proves that it is the content itself that refers to the site and that the redirection is done naturally. The group of words behind which the link is placed (the anchor) must itself be chosen according to the subject of the destination site, without falling into the generic keyword too obvious.

How to get effective backlinks?

Healing the quality of backlinks must be part of a global digital strategy and be thought of as a marketing action. Content strategy, identification and contact of potential partners, eve articles on the same themes: all these actions aim to build a quality offer and ultimately help to find and get good backlinks.

At first, you have to look after your own site. Everything starts there.


Produce quality content

The content published on the site must itself be neat, regularly fed and show a real interest for the readers: developed arguments, well chosen images and illustrations of type infographic. Not only does it satisfy the audience but also prove to other bloggers or other sites that your site is interesting: the more quality and complete the content, the more it will be picked up and quoted by sources that deal with similar or similar subjects.

Typologies of content can vary, everything does not necessarily have to deal strictly with the theme of the site but can also take lighter forms. An original question in survey mode or quiz can be a source of interesting buzz. If bloggers or sites like it, find it funny or relevant, they will relay it and add a backlink.

Secondly, you have to be proactive and approach sites that deal with similar and complementary subjects. By reading as many good blogs as possible, it will be easier to come across interesting articles at all levels.


Write guest articles

Some sites may lack relevant content or not enough to dig a theme, so a good technique is to write this content for them and offer them. This exchange is all the more interesting if the site in question is influential is very visited. It is therefore interesting for both parties who have each to gain: one with quality content without having to produce it, the other with a relevant backlink and therefore well received by Google.



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