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    2:23 PM

    Hi all, here’s my new post. This time with MS Office ‘03 I was happened to read about an Easter egg in outlook 2000 and I tried the same in OE 2003, but it didn’t work. Though it didn’t I found a way to rearrange the menu’s in OE 2003. Here’s how Open Outlook 2003.

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  • How to Hide Text in Notepad !!
    5:26 PM

    Well who knew we could hide files with notepad?  Often you do all the coding for webpages in notepad and you gotta keep some of those hidden. What you do is look for a utility to hide your text. You simply don’t need it. There’s an easy hack to hide the notepad files. Let’s see

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  • System User Account in Windows XP !!
    5:45 PM

    f you think Administrator has the largest privileges onto the computer, then you are wrong. There is a user who is named SYSTEM. SYSTEM has full control of the operating system and it’s kernel. If you open windows task manager (press ctrl+alt and delete) you will see that System User controls several processes. These processes

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  • Configure Windows XP to Automatically Login!
    5:45 PM

    Click Start, Run and type CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2, and click Ok. Select the user account from the list (the account to which you want to automatically logon). Uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer option, and click Ok. Type the user account password and complete the process. For Windows XP Home, don’t try

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  • List of keyboard shortcuts for windows.
    12:29 PM

    When speed counts, the keyboard is still king. Almost all the actions and commands you can perform with a mouse you can perform faster using combination’s of keys on your keyboard. These simple keyboard shortcuts can get you where you want to go faster than several clicks of a mouse. You’ll work faster on spreadsheets

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  • Speed Up your XP : # 1
    1:56 PM

    Extra or unwanted items in the startup list will definitely increase your startup time in Windows XP,perhaps by several minutes. Here is a simple trick to speed up your pc Go to Startbutton ? Run 2.  Type “msconfig”, without quotations 3. Hit enter key or click the OK button 4. A System Configuration Utility window will show up 5. Click the Startup tab 6. In the

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