When should you choose a Glossy Laptop Screen?

When should you choose a Glossy Laptop Screen?

Deciding on which type laptop screen between glossy or matte LCD display requires careful consideration. While a matte LCD display can handle glare in a better way and also reduce potential eyestrain, it costs more that the glossy display. On the same note, Glossy displays produce high quality images with better contrast, but they create glare which can be a concern for people who plan to use their laptops in environments with lots of lights or outdoors.

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Instances where glossy is the best option

There are situations where you should glossy laptop screens over matte LCD display. These are the instances where glossy LCD display is the best bet:

  1. Choose a glossy LCD display for more contrast

In case a high-contrast display is a priority to you, then you should definitely go for a glossy LCD display. Glossy LCD displays basically have enhanced contrast as compared to the matte displays. With enhanced contrast, blacks will appear deeper, bright will appear brighter, and other colors will look more intense and saturated than on a matte LCD screen.

  1. Select a glossy screen for more vivid color

Is vivid color so important to you? If yes, then you should definitely choose glossy laptop screen instead of a matte screen. Glossy LCD displays generally have a very smooth outer polarizing layer meant to allow colors to appear deeper and brighter on the screen. The colors on a glossy laptop screen usually appear more vibrant thanks to the smooth outer polarizing layer on the display.

  1. Pick a glossy LCD display for indoor use

Glossy LCD displays are best suited for editing photographs, watching films, and playing video games. Typically, all these activities are usually done and enjoyed indoors and not outdoors. So, if you are buying a screen that you will primarily be using indoors, a glossy screen is your perfect choice. A glossy screen is a great choice for those who are planning to mainly use their devices indoors and, or in spaces with very little potential for glare particularly from light bulbs or windows.

As you choose a glossy LCD display, you should be ready to frequently clean smudges and dirt on your screen because the display attracts a lot of dirt and smudges. If it is a touchscreen, you should also be ready to clean fingerprints regularly because Glossy displays are fingerprint magnets. But if you are very concerned about fingerprints, smudges and dirt, then you should go for a matte screen. is professional Computer Screen Display trading and repaire wholesale provider, mainly focused on the screens for Dell,HP,Lenovo,Apple,ASUS,Acer and Microsoft.



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