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Tech Inter Play is a platform which connects the tech enthusiasts from all across the globe. If you are willing to contribute to our blog by dint of your expertise in the vicinity of technology, Tech Inter Play allows you the provision to do so. Here, you will not only be able to voice your opinion by sharing your views and providing tips, at Tech Inter Play, you will also be able to earn an exposure and be known for what you are good at. Therefore, choose your niche- be it gaming, web hosting , internet, social media, SEO or anything that you harbour a good idea about and pen down your views.

What Makes You Eligible To Qualify As A Tech Writer At Tech Inter Play?

The first and foremost prerequisite for becoming a technical writer at Tech Inter Play is that one should be passionate about technology. Apart from that, a person who is aspiring to become a technical writer should have a clear idea about the niche he is willing to cover. He should be having a good command over the language in which he is going to express himself and should be able present himself in a way which can be interpreted easily by the readers. It is important that the writer knows how to hold the interest of the readers throughout the article.

Another important factor that determines the worth of a writer as a good writer is his ability to design a document skillfully. Presentation of the document is an important aspect that needs to be laid focus on. The document presented should be made user friendly with the use of charts, relevant images and suitable headings. The important points should be highlighted so as to arrest the attention of the readers. However, one must know when to limit the use of pictures and diagrams because too many of them may lead to perplexity.

Rules For Guest Posts

  • Content Should Be Unique And Original Contents.
  • All Posts Accept on Tech Inter Play Can not be used elsewhere.
  • Only allowed For 1 Link in Each Post, Please Contact our team to know more.
  • Our Accept Only for English Content. but you are welcome to write as it please you and as long as the language is English.
  • All Contents Belongs to on of the Following categories :: Tech, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Hardware, Software, Gedgets, Gaming Etc.
  • Contents Should be Minimum 1000+ Words.

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